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Mifepristone Updates

Update as of May 1, 2023

On April 21, the Supreme Court blocked the restrictions that had been placed on mifepristone by the lower Texas court. This came two weeks after the initial decision from the Texas Supreme Court. 


This means as of right now, there are no restrictions placed on medication abortion. Mifepristone can be used in conjunction with misoprostol as directed by the FDA. 


In Ohio, medication abortion with mifepristone can take place through nine weeks - although mifepristone might still be used in miscarriage management.  


Update as of April 8, 2023

A Texas federal judge has halted the FDAs approval of mifepristone. The government has 7 days to appeal the decision. This means we can continue to provide medication abortions until Friday of next week (April 14th) without any change in method. 

If the law does block the FDA's approval of mifepristone, Preterm can still continue to provide medication abortions with misoprostol. This is in accordance with the protocol put forth by National Abortion Federation (NAF).

Preterm will reach out to patients who are scheduled for the medication after April 14 to counsel them about the possible change to the law. 

Preterm will make updates on our website and on social media as we learn more. We encourage patients and supporters to continue checking these sources for updates. 


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