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Scheduling + Fees

To make an appointment, call us at 216-991-4000. Our staff can schedule an appointment promptly and will be happy to answer all your questions.


We work with most insurance companies, including Medicaid. Call us to find out more about our pricing and financial assistance for abortion care.


Abortion Fees

When you call us, our staff will discuss your options and estimate the total cost of your procedure.


We are committed to keeping our fees as low as possible while maintaining the highest quality of care. Many patients receive financial assistance to help cover some of the cost of their abortion services. If you're worried about your ability to pay for your abortion, please talk to us. 

We accept cash, credit, debit, and money orders for any payments. We do not accept personal checks or American Express. If someone else is paying on behalf of the patient, we require that they fill out paperwork giving us permission to charge the card (this includes providing copies of the front/back of the card and their photo ID), because we cannot use someone else's credit card without permission.


The fees listed here are automatically discounted prices for self-pay patients, and include a local anesthetic. Other sedation methods may be chosen, and in some cases are required, for an extra fee. Abortion fees also include routine lab work, ultrasound, counseling session, routine antibiotics, and a birth control prescription. Additional fees will apply if you need Rhogam (required for patients with Rh-negative blood) and other medications. Post-abortion counseling is available at no extra charge.


First Trimester 

Surgical abortion: $465

Medication abortion (through 9 weeks): $635

Second Trimester 

13–14 weeks: $675

15–16 weeks: $775

17–18 weeks: $1015*

19–20 weeks: $1315*

21 weeks: $1525*

*either conscious sedation ($75) or anesthesia ($150) is required

Pain Relief Options

Local: no additional charge

Oral sedation: $20

Conscious sedation: $75

Anesthesia: $150


Special Appointments

Options counseling only: $55

Ultrasound only: $135

Rhogam injection: $60 (first trimester) or $115 (second trimester)

Post-abortion counseling: free for abortion patients

Please note that in the state of Ohio, we are unable to offer elective abortions past 19 weeks of pregnancy (21 weeks and 6 days since your last menstrual period). Pregnancy is measured from the date of your last menstrual period (LMP). It is known that the time of fertilization is normally two weeks after the beginning of the last menstrual period. 

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