Gender-Affirming Care

Preterm will soon begin offering gender-affirming hormone care for transgender people, non-binary people, and people across the gender spectrum.


Gender-affirming care is healthcare that recognizes and honors your unique gender identity and journey. If you are transgender, non-binary, or somewhere else along the gender spectrum, you may have unique health needs. We know that affirming your gender identity with hormones may be an important part of living an authentic life.


Preterm is proud to provide gender-affirming hormones following an informed consent model for adults ages 18 and over. We accept most insurance carriers and Medicaid. We do not accept self-pay patients at this time. 


What to Expect

At your first appointment, you’ll meet one of our providers for intake and a physical. They will review your relevant medical, personal, family, and social history with you. You will go through the informed consent with your provider, and then get blood work drawn.


At your second visit, your provider will go over your blood work results with you. If you’re ready to begin hormones at this visit, you’ll sign the informed consent. If your medical history and blood work show that hormones are safe for you, hormones will be prescribed at this visit. If injections are prescribed, a nurse will show you how to give yourself the hormones.


You will come back to Preterm to see your provider every three months. They will ask about what changes you’ve noticed, make sure you aren’t feeling any side effects, and check your work to make sure the hormones are still safe for you to take.


To get more information, please call 216-991-4000.



Sex: Based on chromosomes and sex organs.


Gender identity: Your inner sense of your own gender.


Sexual orientation: Who you are sexually attracted to. Sexual orientation is separate from gender identity.


Gender spectrum: The idea that gender exists along a spectrum with female at one end and male at the other. Some peoples’ gender identity is somewhere in the middle.


Transgender: A person is transgender if their sex assigned at birth and their gender identity are different. For example, a transgender woman was assigned male sex at birth and identifies their gender as female.


Non-binary: Someone whose gender identity is neither male or female


*Adapted from UCSF Center of Excellence for Transgender Health

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