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Thank you for supporting the 2020 Preterm Access Fund Bowl-a-Thon  Virtual Variety Show!

Our "bowlers" thought you might enjoy some entertainment while isolated and keeping our communities safe. These performances were put together just for you! We hope you enjoy the show, and if you're able, please vote for your favorite video by donating to the performer's Bowl-a-Thon fundraiser. Every dollar goes to the Preterm Access Fund, which provides direct assistance to people who need abortions. With so many barriers for those seeking this care during the crisis, your support of the fund means more than ever. Thank you.

To learn more about our Bowl-a-Thon Fundraiser, click here.

Lou Barrett

for Michelle Keehan's Fundraiser

Lou Barrett brings us poems about straight people stuff and their desire for marriage as well as a song that usually requires audience participation. Now you can participate from home. Lou performs on behalf of Michelle Keehan's Bowl-a-Thon Fundraiser as a part of the Thoughts & Spares team.

To vote for Lou with your donation, click here.

Poetry by Lou Barrett

Poetry by Lou Barrett

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Candee Brown

Candee is drumming on a box drum called a cajon and represents the

Bowling for Bodily Autonomy team.

To vote for Candee with your donation, click here.

Michelle Guzowski

Michelle brings us two songs, one of which tells the tale of what so many of us are experiencing during the Coronavirus pandemic.

To vote for Michelle with your donation, click here.

Anna Kiss

Anna's creativity brought us this fun Rube Goldberg machine. Anna joins us as a team member of Obviously Not Golfers.

To vote for Anna with your donation, click here.


Lisa aka Macho Grande is representing the King Pins, the fundraising team for the Cleveland King's Action Pack. Get ready to feel feelings, cry real human tears, and give all your abortion dollars to the KINGS of fundraising.

This performance combines Macho Grande's favorite things; Mexican culture, drag, floral shirts, and supporting reproductive justice for all genders. How are you feeling today? Are you feeling small? or are you feeling GRANDE?

To vote for Lisa MACHO GRANDE Sanchez with your donation, click here.

Elaine Schleiffer

Elaine, another team member of Thoughts & Spares and Preterm Board Co-President, brings us an episode of "Ask a Drag King" with Allen and Brett for this Bowl-a-Thon fundraiser.

To vote for Elaine with your donation, click here.

Ask a Drag King

Ask a Drag King

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Thank you. We hope you enjoyed the show.

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