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Abortion services will continue

Preterm is open and continuing to provide abortions.

Preterm is complying with the Ohio Department of Health’s order regarding personal protective equipment, which requires hospitals and surgical facilities to stop providing non-essential surgeries and procedures and take other steps to reduce the use of equipment in short supply. Under that order, Preterm can continue providing essential surgeries and procedures, including time-sensitive, essential surgical abortion care. Our doors remain open.

We provided assurance to ODH and the attorney general that Preterm is in compliance with ODH’s order. Preterm’s doors remain open and we are in compliance with all orders and guidance from state leadership.

Preterm is continuing to provide the full range of abortion care services because it is essential healthcare. In compliance with the order from the Ohio Department of Health, our physicians will be making individualized determinations to ensure each person gets the healthcare they need and that all healthcare providers across the state have access to the supplies needed during this pandemic.


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