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What Our Patients Say About Us


Our patients tell us about the exceptional care they received here, and how they left empowered, relieved, and renewed after their experience at Preterm.

“Preterm truly cares for women, and they truly cared for me.”

“Your care is amazing. I was treated like an individual, not just another patient. Thank you. Everyone is kind and smiles, uses eye contact, and really listens to you.”

“I feel inspired by the great service you provide for your patients. You offer a safe place for women to make a choice. I was shown different birth control options and saw that I am going to be able to be more responsible and act in alignment with my goals. This place is a wonderful place. NO one wants an abortion but this place makes it safe and respects women. You are all seriously wonderful! The doctors are heroes! They are needed.”

“The staff is awesome.”

“I love this clinic!”

“Everyone was very friendly. My patient advocate was the best—very nice & made me feel very comfortable. The patient escorts really helped ease my mind about the protestors. The entire Preterm atmosphere is one of love and support.”

“The care and compassion of everyone who works at Preterm will always stay with me. I will always be thankful to the kind people who took care of me. When we had no one else to turn to, Preterm made us feel safe and cared for. The emotional support given from every single individual we encountered at Preterm was an invaluable blessing.”

“You treated me with respect.”

“As difficult as this was, the staff was warm, welcoming and very supportive no matter what my choice was.”

“You all made me feel like you also believed I was doing the right thing. You helped me believe in myself. Keep doing what you’re doing. You allow people to know it’s OK to have feelings and be who we are about those feelings.”

“Preterm has a very organized process. You do a great job of explaining everything. The staff is so welcoming and personable. I've never been treated this well at any doctors office. Thank you for making this difficult time in my life not so bad.”

“After talking to the counselors, I felt a lot less stress about the situation. I felt comfortable at Preterm, not judged. Everyone was nice and I wasn’t worried..”

“You all made sure my decision was best.”

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