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Impact Report 2022


This year has been one of challenge and empowerment at Preterm. We navigated providing essential abortion care in a world changed by a public health crisis. Our staff unionized and we transitioned our clinic leadership in March of 2022. In June, just as we saw an ebb in the pandemic, we received the devastating Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Center decision.


Through everything, Preterm has remained resilient because of the dedicated efforts of our staff and community. After the Dobbs decision, we received support from hundreds of new donors. Our dedicated staff stayed to provide the limited number of abortions we were allowed to provide under the "heartbeat ban." In October, we won an injunction against this brutal law and are now providing the full range of abortion services.


I am honored to lead Preterm through these challenges as the first woman of color Executive Director, and I am proud to be leading the only unionized independent abortion clinic in the US. My leadership and our union are the fruition of Preterm's commitment to empower our staff and community. Thanks to your support, Preterm will continue to be a community and national leader in providing abortion care with respect and dignity.

Sri Thakkilapati, Ph.D

Interim Executive Director

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