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To make an appointment, please call us at 216-991-4000. Our staff can schedule an appointment promptly and will be happy to answer your questions.


We offer appointments on Tuesdays, Wednesdays (day and evening), Fridays, and Saturdays. 


Scheduling an abortion appointment 

It will take 10–15 minutes to set up your first appointment. Based on the information you provide, our staff will explain your estimated fees. Each pregnancy, person, and situation is different. Please call our friendly staff to discuss your situation.


Our staff will ask you several questions, including the date your last normal menstrual cycle began to help us estimate how many weeks pregnant you are (this will be confirmed by ultrasound during your first appointment).


If you are calling to make an abortion appointment for someone else 

If you are a parent calling for a minor or a friend calling on someone's behalf, please know that it is best for us to be able to speak to the person who will be our patient directly. We can take information from you, but we will need the patient to contact us directly before the appointment.

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