What to expect when you get to Preterm
Our Building and Parking 

Preterm is a state-of-the-art, licensed ambulatory surgical facility and a "green," environmentally sustainable building. Make sure you park in Preterm’s parking lot or on Shaker Boulevard, not in any of the nearby lots.



Be prepared to see protesters outside our building. Please ignore them. On Saturdays, there may be pro-choice volunteer escorts available to walk you to the front door.



You are welcome to bring a support person, but please limit it to one adult. We cannot accommodate children, so please make other arrangements for their care while you’re here.



For abortion patients receiving oral sedation, conscious sedation, or anesthesia, you must have a driver with you.


What to Wear 

Wear a loose-fitting 2-piece outfit, including socks and underwear.


What to Bring 

Bring a valid photo ID. If you're a minor coming with your parent, your parent needs valid photo ID, and you'll need to bring a copy of your birth certificate. Bring your insurance or Medicaid card, if you have one.


If you're using a credit card for payment, make sure the cardholder is with you and has ID.


We do our best to move you through your appointment as quickly as we can. For abortion patients, there will be a lot of waiting.  Bring a book or magazine or a quiet activity to pass the time. Coffee, pop, and snack machines are available. Free wi-fi is available too.


Late for Your Appointment 

If you are late for your appointment, we may not be able to fit you into our schedule. Please call us if you’re running late. We will assess appointment availability and will let you know if you will need to reschedule.


For more information about what to expect if you’re getting an abortion, see our abortion FAQ page.

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