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Preterm Leadership Team

Our Mission

Preterm's mission is to advance reproductive health and justice by providing safe, respectful, and accessible abortion and sexual healthcare.

Abortion is essential to bodily autonomy and gender equity for all people. Providing abortions is a deeply caring and revolutionary act that is part of dismantling oppression and stigma. These are the values that guide Preterm’s
commitment to abortion care. Preterm is Ohio's only independent, non-profit abortion clinic.

Our Values


Treating and honoring patients, staff, and community with regard for their feelings and experiences.


Honoring people’s ability to make decisions and take action as the experts in their own lives.


Creating space for connection and recognizing and affirming one another’s experiences. Assuming best intentions while acknowledging implicit bias.

Feminism and Intersectionality

Committing to awareness, analysis, action, and accountability to disrupt the interlocking systems of oppression that impact women and people who are most marginalized in society.

Excellence with Integrity

Evolving to create an environment that fosters best practices for patient-centered care, clinical innovation, and staff support.

Intentional Stewardship

Accountability to our patients, communities, staff, women and other marginalized people, and the earth.

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