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More on US Supreme Court Hearing:
Dobbs v Jackson December 1, 2021

“This is the work of my heart. Providing care in service of pregnant and parenting people, each with their own life story, their own reasons for their abortion, facing unique obstacles, and with their own visions for their future and hopes for their families, is what drives me to do this work. Access to abortion care is already so limited in so many parts of the country, especially for marginalized and underserved communities. So many people are already unable to navigate the tremendous hurdles required to access abortion care. We deserve abortion care without facing burdensome restrictions from the state, gauntlets of protestors, or the interference of the court. We deserve to make decisions about their lives and families without judgement.”

Jen Moore Conrow, MFS

Preterm Executive Director

Independent abortion clinics, like Preterm are the community-based care providers that work with patients to meet their needs, we partner with practical support networks to provide transportation and hotel rooms, and with abortion funds, to ensure that no person is turned away because of their ability to pay. Independent abortion clinics are just 25% of the abortion providers in the country, but we care for the majority of people who have abortions in the US. We serve communities even when they’re in politically hostile regions of the country; and access to care beyond the first trimester of pregnancy increasingly depends on us.  


Despite the fact that the majority of Americans agree that abortion should be available, clinics have been closing across the country for the past decade as legislators have bowed to pressure from anti-abortion groups and enacted laws that delay and prevent pregnant people from accessing the care they need.  


Can we count on your support today to ensure Preterm has the resources to provide abortion care in our community? 

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