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Abortion Clinic in Woodmere Ohio

Abortion Clinic in Woodmere Ohio

An abortion is a very common procedure practiced globally at a certified abortion clinic. At an abortion clinic there are two types of abortion: medication and surgical. The method chosen is based on varying factors decided both by the licensed physician and the patient. Both methods are safe and effective for any patient at an abortion clinic and rely on the term of the pregnancy, financial situation, and pain tolerance.

At our abortion clinic we understand that decisions made are not easy. Preterm wants to give our patients the information they need to make the best decision for them and their specific situation. Before a first appointment at our abortion clinic, we request each patient to talk to one of Preterm’s experienced patient advocate. During this session, you can explore all your pregnancy options, abortion, adoption, and parenting. This gives each patient a chance discuss their decision in a supportive, confidential environment with someone who has been in the same situation.

Having options counseling makes our abortion clinic one of the most trusted and compassionate option for our patients. The goal of options counseling is to help you feel informed, confident, and in control of your decision. Each patient can trust their experienced patient advocate to support you in doing what is best for you and your life right now.

Preterm is Ohio’s most trusted abortion clinic. We have always been a nonprofit clinic dedicated to keeping high-quality healthcare accessible to everyone, regardless of income. Our entire staff is dedicated to providing the highest quality healthcare, with compassion and without judgment. Our abortion clinic will always advocate for our patient’s reproductive rights and we are dedicated to reducing the stigma around abortion.

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