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Effective 9/14/2022

The lower Hamilton Court of Common Pleas has issued a temporary retraining order against SB23 for 14 days. Preterm is now able to see patients through 21 weeks.

Surgical Abortion

The surgical method is a simple medical procedure that usually takes 3–20 minutes (depending on how far you are into your pregnancy). In the first trimester (through 12 weeks) our physicians use a silent vacuum aspiration technique. For second trimester abortions, our physicians use dilation and evacuation (D&E) because it is the safest and gentlest method.


What to Expect

Ohio law requires at least 2 visits to get an abortion. The first visit will last 3–4 hours. On your first visit, you can expect:


Day 1 Visit

  • Fill out medical history paperwork

  • Ultrasound exam

  • Finger prick to take a small blood sample to check for anemia and to see whether you’re Rh positive or negative

  • Private counseling session

  • Private consultation with a physician


Day 2 Visit

The length of the second visit will depend on what services you are having. It can take anywhere from 2–6 hours. When you schedule your second visit, we'll give you an estimate of how long it will take and any special instructions you'll need to follow.


Our staff will support you during your procedure. Afterward, you will rest for a while in the recovery room. You’ll receive detailed instructions for what to expect after your abortion.


If you’re 17 weeks pregnant or more, the abortion may require 3 visits.*


After Your Abortion

Your body will go through changes due to a dramatic drop in the hormones of pregnancy, but you should begin to feel normal within 24–48 hours after the procedure. Any nausea, vomiting, or fatigue you may have experienced should go away within 24 hours. You may feel bloated for a few days. Feel free to eat whatever you want, but don’t overdo it if you’ve had nausea and vomiting.


You can return to work or school as soon as you feel well enough. Preterm can provide a medical excuse for the first 7 days.


Most people will have a period within 4–6 weeks. Please be aware that if you’re not using birth control, you could become pregnant again even before your next period begins.


A nurse is available to talk to around the clock if you have any medical concerns.



*Please note that in the state of Ohio, we are unable to offer elective abortions past 19 weeks of pregnancy (21 weeks and 6 days since your last menstrual period). Pregnancy is measured from the date of your last menstrual period (LMP). It is known that the time of fertilization is normally two weeks after the beginning of the last menstrual period. Please call us if you have questions about how this will affect you.

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