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Support for patients diagnosed with a fetal anomaly 


If you are ending a pregnancy because of a fetal anomaly or abnormality, we are sensitive to the fact that you may be experiencing profound grief. We are committed to providing you with excellent medical care and emotional support.


Making Your Appointment 

When you call, we will ask you the name of your referring physician or counselor. We will also ask if you and your physician want to have additional genetic testing of the fetal tissue following the termination. We must be notified of these arrangements prior to your appointment. We will explain our services and fees, and we will check with your insurance company regarding medical coverage.

Important Notice

Under a new Ohio law, we cannot provide an abortion if we know that the reason is in whole or in part because of a Fetal Down Syndrome diagnosis. Please call with any questions or concerns.

Your First Appointment 

During your first visit, please expect to be here for 3–4 hours. You’ll have an ultrasound exam and a private information session with a patient advocate. Your significant other or support person may accompany you during the whole appointment on this day.


The Procedure

On your second visit, you will have or begin your procedure, depending on how many weeks you are in your pregnancy. Please see surgical abortion for more information on what happens.


You can choose one of our pain relief options to help you relax. Afterward, you will rest for a while in the recovery room. You’ll receive detailed instructions for what to do once you’re home.



We will help you find information and resources for families experiencing a loss resulting from a fetal problem. A nurse is available around the clock if you have any medical concerns.



To learn more about pregnancy termination for fetal anomalies, you can talk to our caring staff at 216-991-4000.

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