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Medication Abortion Reversal Bill is Deceptive and Harmful

Today, the Ohio State Senate passed SB 155, a bill that would force doctors to share information about an unproven and potentially dangerous method to stop the process of medication abortion.

This potentially dangerous process should be held to the same standards as every other medical procedure, including abortion. There is no strong evidence to prove that it is safe or effective, and it will ultimately be harmful to our patients.

It’s deeply concerning that once again the Ohio State Senate advanced a bill that is designed to deceive patients and force doctors to lie to patients.

Our patients deserve to receive medically accurate information, and Preterm’s physicians should be trusted to offer the best medical care and guidance, without interference from politicians and unnecessary regulations.

Join us in urging the House to vote against this bill and put the health of Ohioans ahead of politics! Find your representative’s contact info here.

Thank you for your commitment to protecting every person’s right to make the healthcare decisions that are best for themselves, their families, and their lives. Together, we will make sure all Ohioans get the abortion and sexual healthcare they need.


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