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Victory in Court!

From Tam Nickerson, Director of Clinical Operations at Preterm:

Independent clinics like Preterm and Hope Medical Clinic for Women in Louisiana hold patients at the center of everything we do. Every day, I talk with our patients about their lives, struggles, and realities. We work with our patients to ensure that each person is treated with respect and receives the highest quality healthcare, while politicians seek to undermine that relationship.

Today’s Supreme Court ruling ensures that clinics can keep providing care for the patients that trust us. But it’s not enough to keep things as they are. Systemic attacks on abortion have impacted the number of clinics open across Ohio and the country, and these attacks will not stop with today’s ruling. Ohio politicians are considering many anti-abortion measures in session right now. Fortunately, today’s ruling will allow us to continue serving our patients and fighting for a world where abortion and reproductive healthcare access are even more available without shame or stigma.


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